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By lichtempfindlich

On 22, Aug 2011 | In | By lichtempfindlich

Torpedo “Comrades”

Torpedo from Sweden visited Magdeburg in the summer of 2011. Before they went on the stage of the Projekt 7, they performed a special version of the song “Comrades” for Brigde The Gap.

“The best light which Magdeburg has to offer. Two guys in stylistic clothes, the probably hotest mustaches in the world and a guitar with a lot of sex appeal!”

The Torpedo Session is one of the best Bridge The Gap Sessions ever filmed. Recorded in the late summer of 2011 near the Jerusalem Bridge.

Bridge The Gap is taking place in different time spans. It has mainly become a small spare time project for friends of good music and the special moment.

Website Bridge The Gap



  • Dirk Alstein
  • Christoph Schönefeldt
  • Tom Michme
  • Stephan Michme
  • Matthias Fritsche
  • Henning Lühr
  • Amelie Fingerhut
  • Alexander Koßmann