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By lichtempfindlich

On 03, Aug 2016 | In | By lichtempfindlich

De kongelige hofleverandør – Jacob Kongsbak Lassen

More than 130 years of experience – the fish is always fresh. Jacob Kongsbak Lassen is a specialized family business. Another episode of our miniseries from “De kongelige hofleverandør” filmed in beautiful cinemascope.

Jacob Kongsbak Lassen

“With a ever growing range that now includes over 1,000 items, it almost goes without saying that we provide the widest range of available seafood.”


Jacob Kongsbak Lassen offers quality guarantee from the moment the fish arrives. Quality includes allour processes, eg . hand cut fillets, and the use of clean and enviromentaly sustainable materials . And with the guarantee follows our corporate ethics and years of experience.

Generations are different. As it obviously should be. Each generation contributes to new and different ways of doing things . And this is how we ensure innovation and renewal. But the foundation continues to build on the vision and values of our great-grandfather and founder, J. Kongsbak Lassen, started the company in the over 130 years ago.


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