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By lichtempfindlich

On 06, Jul 2011 | In | By lichtempfindlich

Michme “Emozentrisch”

Rehearsal for the album “Magdeburg” in the Projekt 7 in Magdeburg in the spring of 2011. The entire recording process was filmed by cameras.

„And I wished I could go on, just like that. Continue shooting my film on and on.”

During the documentation of the “Magdeburg” album, a lot of material was created, which, to the regret of the team, had to be cut out of the finished film. This is the reason, why a lot of seperate extra cuts of the rehearsal footage was made.




  • Christoph Schönefeldt – bass/singer
  • Benjamin Koßmann – drums
  • Mario Swigulski – guitar/production
  • Stephan Michme – singer
  • Matthias Fritsche – camera/editor
  • Stephan Markiewicz – lighting
  • Andreas Meyer – sound
  • Mike Lessing – guitar