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By lichtempfindlich

On 08, Dec 2011 | In | By lichtempfindlich

Begbie “Live For Today”

Bevor all the questions and the doubt, there was the childhood. A golden flight of happiness without any fear. Symbolized by small toy planes and three playing kids, those pictures will remind you of your own childhood.

„Ich finde bei lichtempfindlich entsteht Individualismus schon dadurch, dass sie stark in Kontakt mit den Künstlern stehen. Da wird von der Konzeptionierung des Videos bis zur Umsetzung nichts undiskutiert gelassen.“ (Christoph Schönefeldt, Sänger/Bassist) 

“Live For Today”

The album “The Age Of Golden Lies” by the band Begbie is the ideal foundation for music videos. For the song “Live For Today” the production is reminding you of the past. Old childhood dreams. It will raise the question for the ideal moment and the leaving behind. The viewer can drift away from the now for 3 1/2 minutes and be reminded of the good times.

“The Age Of Golden Lies”

Website Begbie



  • Christoph Schönefeldt – editor
  • Benjamin Koßmann – assistant director
  • Alexander Koßmann – cameraassistant
  • Kristin Löser – production
  • Matthias Fritsche – camera/editor