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Eyes ClosedEyes ClosedEyes Closed

By lichtempfindlich

On 01, Jul 2012 | In | By lichtempfindlich

Eyes Closed

In collaboration with Pilan Records/Uniqu-3-Motion and lichtempfindlich the short film Eyes Closed was created in summer 2012. Lichtempfindlich was responsible for the editing and color grading process of this film.

Eyes Closed – A dance and music film – a co-production by Uniqu-3-Motion/Pilan Records & lichtempfindlich

The short film based on the first single of the new album by Patt Smith.

Breakdance is meeting ballet is meeting unusual music. Despite those differences all of them merge into one breathtaking piece of art. The two contrasts – man and woman, breakdance and ballet, black and white – are helping to create a special atmosphere.

Is it reality or just a dream? It will definitely give an insight to the inner and outer life of the protagonists.

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  • Paula Haase – Actor
  • Stephan Cuber – Actor
  • Maik Schuntermann – Production/DoP
  • Patt Smith – Production/Director
  • Peter Ziaja – Production/Assistent Director
  • Franziska Meuser – Assistent Director
  • Laura Jäschke – Script Assistant
  • Esther Strelow – Focus Puller
  • Danny Zober – Second Cameraassistent
  • Matthias Reger – DIT
  • Isaac Cash Pulk – Sound Operator
  • Martin Beck – Best Boy
  • Daniel Josties – Best Boy
  • Viktoria Kissner – Make-Up
  • Swenztown – Catering
  • Susi Goj – Set-Photographer
  • Eugen Wanke – Helping Hand
  • Ludwig Jäschke – Helping Hand
  • Matthias Fritsche – Editor/Grading